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Breaking the Save to Celebrate Habit

November 15, 2010

How many of you like to save your specialty items for “special” occasions?  Why do we do that?  Are the items not special enough to warrant the item being the reason to celebrate?  A long time ago, Hubs and I went to our favorite domestic winery, Chateau Ste. Michelle, and bought 2 $40 bottles of wine.  We drank one right away and loved it.  The other one we saved for a special occasion.  Unfortunately, nothing was ever special enough to bring out that bottle.  We just kept saving it.  We even moved it with us through 3 different apartments in 2 different states.  We finally drank it this past summer, almost 4 years after we bought it.  Guess what folks?  It did not taste as glorious as we had remembered.  It definitely had not aged well.  Duh, it was never meant to be aged.

From that moment on, we declared that we would make special occasions.  Special goods are now meant to be enjoyed in and of themselves.  We let our special items make us feel special because they are special enough in and of themselves.  No other reason is needed.  We want to avoid saving things for that day that never comes.

I had basically forgotten that declaration until this week when Hubs reminded me.  I bought this $17 bottle of Indian Wells from our Chateau Ste Michelle.  I thought it would be fun to have a nice bottle from our fave winery around.  Well, 3 weeks have gone by and nothing seemed special enough to pull out the bottle.  Hubs noticed me eying it one day and declared that everyday is special enough to open the bottle.  We don’t need a special reason to open it, IT is the reason today is special.  And that is a good enough reason.

Special Occasion Wine (3)

After hubs opened the bottle, he poured me a glass, and let me grade some more student papers.  That glass of wine sure made grading those papers feel a whole lot better.

Special Occasion Wine (6)

So to my bottle of Indian Wells Chateau Ste. Michelle, thank you for making my grading a little more special.

Special Occasion Wine (8)

Cheers to all of you.  I want to encourage all of you to break a habit that so many of us have.  That special something… bottle of wine, dress, shoes, whatever it may be, let that special something be the reason in and of itself.  Don’t wait for something else deemed celebration worthy be the reason you get to enjoy your special something.  That special something is special enough in and of itself!


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  1. You know, I used to do the same thing with makeup. I used to only wear makeup whenever I had a show, be it a talent show, a musical, or a play. After that, I took to wearing makeup when there were… oh, what was it? Special occasions. Weddings, graduation, etc. etc. The Mister actually admitted to me last week that when I only wore makeup on rare occasions, he had wished that I wore it more often (though he kept insisting that he loved both looks, with or without). Now that I take the time to wear makeup whenever I felt like it (interestingly enough, it’s more often than I thought I would feel like!), he is always in for an appreciated treat! He always notices, and always comments, when I do.

    P.S. Panda shirt! 🙂
    P.P.S. Where on earth do you live that you wake up at 6AM to write blog posts? 😉

    • I have a thing for Panda, can you tell? And I actually wrote this post over the weekend and had it scheduled to publish this morning. I’m in the Boston area, so that’s 9am here 😉

  2. You’re so right — why not make today a “special occasion” and enjoy what we have? I have a story that’s very similar — we received a bottle of Dom Perignon champagne for our engagement. We saved it for a “special occasion” and never quite could find one appropriate enough (as if getting engaged was small potatoes or something!). So, when we finally popped the cork on the bottle (almost 2 years later) it tasted…horrible. We hadn’t stored it correctly and it had gone bad. Boo to that, but at least we realized that we shouldn’t “save” things for that reason!

  3. I like the way your hubs thinks!
    Chateau Ste. Michelle has one of my favorite Rieslings, so jealous they are so close to you. 🙂

    • I wish I lived here Chateau Ste. Michelle. They’re in Seattle. We’re in Boston. I just happened to come across a specialty bottle at a fine wine place. It’s a dangerous obsession.

      • Amy permalink

        🙂 come visit! Chateau Ste Michelle has a great summer concert series, you can hang with us Seattle Bees and sip on wine 🙂 (I’ll have a local beer- but yeah)

      • Ooo, don’t tempt me! I would totally come and do it!

  4. great post, thanks for sharing

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