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Pregnant Pepper + Pepper Baby

November 11, 2010

I cut into a red pepper. BAM, there’s a green pepper growing inside.  Completely weirded out, I stuck this pregnant pepper into Hubs face to see what he thought.  Step 2, bust out the camera and show it off on the interweb.  Crazy pants right?  It felt like the first time I cracked an egg and saw 2 yolks.

Apparently, I have very little knowledge about peppers and why they are different colors.  After a little Wikipedia-ing about peppers, I find that peppers can come in many different colors and that the more traditional kind you see in the U.S. supermarket are of the same variety but in different stages of ripening.  Red peppers have more nutrients, are sweeter, and are further along in their ripening stage.  Green peppers are younger.  Based on this information, this makes it entirely possible for a red pepper to “birth” a green pepper.

My next question: Are peppers like potatoes and can grow babies without soil?

According to the University of Illinois, it’s best to start pepper plants using seeds indoors without soil during the winter time.  When the soil outside warms up, you can place the seedlings in the ground.  More info on ehow.

Have you ever seen a baby pepper like this before?


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  1. Fun! I love finding baby peppers in my peppers, but I have never cracked an egg and found 2 yolks. Jealous!

  2. I honestly started laughing when I saw the first few lines in your post, and shoved my phone into my Mister’s face so he could see. He had to convince me not to go out and buy a bunch of peppers in case I could find a baby pepper… 😛

    BTW, your pictures are gorgeous! 🙂 The colors pop so much.

    @Ali: I was cooking with my mother once, and every egg that we cracked had two yolks… we were a little creeped out, haha

    • Thanks for indulging me! It’s seriously funny isn’t it? Thanks for the photo love too. I seriously need to take more photos! This is good encouragement.

  3. @Joy – SUPER jealous!

  4. I always crack up when this happens to me! However, I’ve had it happen in regular green peppers too…just another little green dude chilling out inside there…minding his own business…

  5. Ok…trying this again…helloooo

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