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Save the Cheerleader, Save the World

November 9, 2010


This article doesn’t have anything to do with the show Hero’s, but it does have everything to do with a cheerleader who is needs our help.  This story is just so hideous, I couldn’t help put post about it here and encourage all of you to learn about this story and support Ms. Blog’s petition.

In short, a high school cheerleader named as “H.S.” was sexually assaulted by two basketball players.  H.S. was removed from the cheerleading squad when she refused to cheer for one of the boys who assaulted her, Bolton.  She cheered for the team as a whole but refused to cheer for him during his free-throws.

“constituted substantial interference with the work of the school because, as a cheerleader, [she] was at the basketball game for the purpose of cheering, a position she undertook voluntarily.”

The petition asks the school to provide a public apology to this student and to establish a school policy that would permanently remove students who have been found guilty of rape or sexual assault.  Doing this would help to maintain distance between the perpetrator and the victim.  It would also help to maintain a safe school environment.


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