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{Well-Done} PS22 Chorus

November 8, 2010

Ah-mazing! Simply amazing.  If you haven’t heard of PS22, where the heck have you been?  Now you’ve heard, and you simply must explore more.  They are a 5th grade choir at a public school in Staten Island.  Led by Mr. B, these kids sing and post their work on  I highly recommend checking them out.  It’s quite impressive.  Bravo Mr. B and bravo PS22 singers.  I look forward to video after video after video.  Keep them coming.  Check out the PS22 Blog and the PS22 YouTube Channel for more.

It really highlights what a tragedy it would be if public schools lost their art programs and inspirational teachers like Mr. B.  What a gift the world would lose.


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  1. YES! Love them 🙂 The kids are always SO into it. Makes me wish a. ) I could sing and b.) I did choir in school. Maybe I can find an adult glee club??

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