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Sweater Weather

November 7, 2010


Day Light Savings happened like it does every year.  Now we’re heading into the cold.  I know it’s a reality that many of us try to deny until the bitter end.  Despite the fact that I’m a Cali Girl at heart and I have a complete and almost bitter hatred of the winter, I really enjoy changing my wardrobe.  This is the one aspect of winter that I have learned to embrace.  Oh the sweaters, gloves, hats, and coats, how I adore thee.

This is my first year as a professional who makes money and wears “work clothes” regularly.  I think a sweater collection to kick off my first winter as a prof is a good idea don’t you?  After going through many online sites in search of the perfect profession sweater that keeps me youthful and trendy, I’ve noticed that I have a special place in my heart for chunky this year.  This is interesting because I have ZERO chunky sweaters in my closet.  This is definitely going to need to change.

I noticed the Mod Cloth has a very respectable collection of Chunkies this year.  Look at the other wonderful handknit goodies from Etsy!  Some people are just so talented!





Wonderful Store on Etsy

byKEONA on Etsy

Pilland on Etsy

Are these too chunky for my petite, no curve figure?  Which one do you think will look good on me?  I totally invite you to give me more links to other affordable chunkies that I should know about.  And go!


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  1. I love the brown poncho like one. Sophisticated yet trendy! Go sweaters!!

  2. Chunkies! I love it. And I totally don’t think they would overwhelm your small frame. I think they’ll look great, actually! The one from KEONA on Etsy is my favorite. Very versatile, easy to slip on and off depending on the heat in the building/your office. Perfection!

  3. Ahh, those sweaters are just so adorable. I could totally see a hip young professor wearing it. 🙂 I’ve also loved Modcloth so much, I can’t wait to order something from them… 😀

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