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Eggplant Purple Bedroom Painting & Stencil Reveal

When I left off with the home decorating, we had a cozy bedroom with a plush rug and new euro pillows, but we had grown tired of the latte brown walls.  Our dark brown bedroom set, the dark vanity, chocolate brown curtains, and an ivory beige rug all made for some ugly brown throw up party.

I had this genius idea that an eggplant purple would liven up the party while keeping to our vintage modern chic design palate.  I knew it would be dark, but that’s okay.  It’s the bedroom.  Bedrooms are suppose to be dark, right?  All the better to create cozy sleeping conditions.

As soon as I opened the can of Benjamin Moore Natura paint (all natural and zero VOC), I was nervous.  That was some freaking purple paint.  Had I swatched it up? No.  I used the online Benjamin Moore software to pick a color out of laziness and time constraints.

As soon as it went up, I got scared.  It’s dark!  It almost looked like a purple-tinted black.  Scary, but there was no going back.  We were over all that painting.

I was scared.  I thought it looked better than the latte, but I wasn’t sure it was THE color.

That’s when the stenciling came into play.  I always knew that I wanted to stencil the back wall of the bedroom.  I also really hoped it might brighten the dark purple (really it felt black-purple).

I went with the Diamond Damask stencil from Cutting Edge Stencils.  I also picked up their stencil kit pictured below.

I used Martha Stewart Metallic Paint in Antique Gold from Home Depot.

And it immediately started looking awesome!

Ta-da!  All done!

And scared turned into love!

I am so so very in love with this room now.  We had a house warming right after we finished this wall, and many people thought we wallpapered this wall.  The metallic paint is really awesome on this dark eggplant purple!  Really awesome.  The gold looks shinier when the light hits it.  I seriously can’t find the mistakes I thought I had made while stenciling. The design is very smart.  I’m super impressed with how this turned out.

And a side by side for your viewing pleasure.

It’s not for everyone, but it makes me feel like a bold designer!

Would you consider having a super dark room?

Snap-on Rubber Coated Case for MyTouch 4g [review]

I bought this snap-on rubber coated case from Amazon seller eForCity for $3.79.

I don’t use it anymore!  It was pretty and useful for awhile, but it is much too hard to take off.

I spent so much time prying this thing off when I needed to get at the battery that I never put it back on.  I knew I might not have it, but the price was too good to pass up.  I guess it’s a $4 loss.

I now use my phone with no case.  Sure, I’ve got bumps and blemishes on her but she works fine and is the smallest she can be.

Do you use a case you love?

Portrait Images [free wallpaper]

Out of Inspiration by ~RoyHoes on deviantART

inspiration illustration by ~Rainie1123 on deviantART

* Click on the image you want to download for personal use.  You will be taken to the site where you can download the image.

October Photography Challenge Thank You

Cheers everyone!

Many many thanks to all of you who participated in my 2nd Annual October Photography Challenge!  And an extra cherry-on-top thanks to those of you who completed the challenge!  I’m so excited for you!  This is no easy feat.  You did it, rock star!  You did it!

I’m continuing to learn more and more about photography, editing, and hosting blog challenges.  Blogging is a challenge in and of itself.  The demand of the daily becomes less fun as the task goes on, but the sense of accomplishment is greater, right?  I can’t believe October is over already!  On to Thanksgiving now…

I hope you continue to pull your cameras out and take beautiful, creative photos throughout the year.  Practice makes genius and you are so well on your way.

Many many thanks!

Day 31 – Self Portrait [October Photography Challenge]

And we’ve reached the last day!  Let’s see those self-portraits. Hubs took my portrait for me on our stairs.  I was hoping to have an “Our Wired Lives” inspired photo that could double as a new blog photo.  What do you think?

I love that we all took one earlier this month and can look at how a month as changed us. I actually wore the same outfit for this very purpose.

Day 1 Self Portrati

Can you tell what I changed?

Happy Halloween y’all!

Answer: I got a hair cut!

(1) Self Portrait, (2) Fashion, (3) Home, (4) Love, (5) Sunset, (6) Animal, (7) From a Distance, (8) Close Up, (9) Upside Down, (10) Favorite, (11) From Up High, (12) Hands, (13) Seat, (14) Silhouette, (15) Accomplishment, (16) Edible, (17) Shadow, (18) Corner, (19) Noise, (20) Nature, (21) Air, (22) Bokeh, (23) Dark, (24) Black & White, (25) Bright, (26) New, (27) Old, (28) Hard, (29) Hope, (30) Goal


Day 30 – Goal [October Photography Challenge]

It has been a goal for over 2 years now to use or sell all of my leftover wedding craft supplies.  Yup, I’m still working on that.  So this crafting project is another small step in that direction.  I used the large “N” from our wedding and glued wine and beer corks to it for a more modern vintage look.  Should I even mention that I collected corks for a year to use for wedding crafts and didn’t end up using a single one?  Yeah, let’s forget about that point.

Here they are at our wedding guestbook and gift table.  One “N” broke on its trip back to Boston.  The other one is now covered with corks.

I will continue working on using up all our wedding crafting supplies.  Anyone else in that camp?

Tomorrow is Halloween, the last day of the challenge, and Self-Portrait day!  What a combo!

(1) Self Portrait, (2) Fashion, (3) Home, (4) Love, (5) Sunset, (6) Animal, (7) From a Distance, (8) Close Up, (9) Upside Down, (10) Favorite, (11) From Up High, (12) Hands, (13) Seat, (14) Silhouette, (15) Accomplishment, (16) Edible, (17) Shadow, (18) Corner, (19) Noise, (20) Nature, (21) Air, (22) Bokeh, (23) Dark, (24) Black & White, (25) Bright, (26) New, (27) Old, (28) Hard, (29) Hope

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